Monthly Subscription
(based on number of brands and active records)
$ Affordable
E-Mail Marketing & Digital Content Delivery
(manage and send an unlimited number of monthly e-Blasts)
Data Feeds
(import and export an unlimited number of monthly records)
Implementation and Training
(side-by-side training, including conversion of one selected brand)
Software Maintenance
(software updates, including bug fixes and new features / functionality)
Customer Support
(800 number access to support team during standard business hours EST)
Web Form Development
(form development for circulation efforts, surveys, webinars, white papers, etc.)    
$ 75.00 / hour

YOUR MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION ENCOMPASSES THE TOTAL COST OF LICENSING iSIRC. There are no extra fees for email or product management, data feeds, import/export of data, implementation, training, ongoing maintenance, software updates, or customer support. Our goal is to set your price so you know exactly what you are paying month to month, without the worry of being nickeled and dimed. It’s as simple as that!

E-MAIL MARKETING IS MANAGED COMPLETELY THROUGH iSIRC, including the creation, scheduling, sending, and reporting of e-Blasts. Unless desired, there is no need for 3rd party e-mail marketing software such as Silverpop, Mail Chimp, or Quick Link. Simply connect iSIRC to your internal SMTP email server or to an out-bound email-sending service provider such as Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES). Only pay for the emails you send at cost-effective rates ($ 0.10 per 1,000 emails sent).

DATA FEEDS ARE BUILT INTO iSIRC by allowing you to create file definitions and promotion codes that determine which fields and demographic questions you are importing or exporting. Managed by your staff, this allows for an unlimited number of data feeds and includes the best data validation and duplicate record checking tools on the market.

THERE ARE NO IMPLEMENTATION OR TRAINING FEES. We succeed when you succeed! We will work side-by-side with your staff on the conversion and implementation of one of your brands, and provide training on the use of the iSIRC software. After completion, you have full access to our outstanding Customer Support for ongoing questions or technical issues.

WE CAN BUILD YOUR CUSTOM WEB FORMS at a very reasonable hourly rate, or your internal IT development staff can create and maintain forms independently. Form building tools that come with other platforms don't usually work as desired. You usually end up building the form from scratch to get your desired implementation.

Brands up to 100,000 records $ 600 / month
Brands over 100,000 records $ 750 / month

TMI is licensed on a per-brand basis. Remember, it is fully customizable so you can brand your version as desired. And, better yet, you can license subscriptions to your advertisers and off-set the cost of audience development.

Utilize iSIRC to streamline audience development and make circulation fulfillment easy and efficient.
Add TMI to your system and start understanding your data like never before.
Take it a step further and open a new revenue stream by providing advertisers access to your data with a TMI subscription.