There are two ways to use iSIRC. License the software directly from GIE Data Solutions and manage audience development and circulation fulfillment using your internal staff, or license it through one of our partners and let them do most of the work for you.


If you have a trained audience development and circulation fulfillment staff, you don't have to eliminate these positions to implement iSIRC. Simply license iSIRC from GIE Data Solutions and let your experts continue to manage your print and digital brands, including print and digital magazines, newsletters, white papers, webinars, events, and more.

Your iSIRC license includes:

  • - Direct access to iSIRC using a web browser
  • - No hardware or software to install and maintain
  • - Unlimited number of users
  • - E-mail marketing and digital content delivery
  • - Data feed to import and export an unlimited number of records
  • - Side-by-side training, including conversion of one of your brands
  • - Software updates for bug fixes and new features
  • - Customer support with 800 number access


If you would rather outsource your audience development, you have the option of licensing iSIRC and complete circulation fulfillment services from one of our partners. Our partners have provided audience development and circulation services to publishers for years, only now they have chosen to do so using the iSIRC platform. Why did they choose iSIRC? Because it provides a superior integrated database solution compared to other products on the market.

Your partner will:

  • - Convert your brands and products to the iSIRC platform
  • - Manage your audience data on a day-to-day basis
  • - Handle all data imports and data entry
  • - Ensure clean, non-duplicated subscriptions with fully validated data
  • - File with third-party auditing companies on your behalf
  • - Allow web-based access to iSIRC for in-house query and reporting
  • - Provide customer support as needed

In addition, many of our partners provide telemarketing services, integration with third-party systems, web form development, label generation, mailing of print copies, and more.

Want to take audience management one step further and allow your sales and marketing teams the ability to understand and utilize your information? Target Market Intelligence™ (TMI™) is a revolutionary front-end tool that connects directly to your iSIRC database, allowing your company to search and drill down into your circulation data using a simplified interface. TMI improves decision making and increases productivity of your sales and marketing efforts while protecting your core audience data.
  • - Perform targeted searches using audience demographics from iSIRC
  • - View and analyze demographic data on a market level
  • - Identify new business opportunities
  • - Access your iSIRC audience in real time
  • - Export and download your data

License TMI™ to your Advertisers

With your TMI license, you are granted the right to offer TMI to your advertisers. This can be done on a subscription basis, billed to them by your company, helping to off-set the expense of audience management. TMI allows your advertisers to identify markets, uncover opportunities and target their sales activities to identifiable prospects found in your iSIRC database. Brand TMI as your own market intelligence tool. It is fully customizable from the name and logo to the colors and fonts.
Utilize iSIRC to streamline audience development and make circulation fulfillment easy and efficient.
Add TMI to your system and start understanding your data like never before.
Take it a step further and open a new revenue stream by providing advertisers access to your data with a TMI subscription.